Cat Sitting / House Sitting

Our goal here at Catcouver is that your cat gets the best care possible, while you are away.

We have the experience to take care of cats of all ages and different personalities.

We can take care of your kittens, seniors, sick cats, and shy cats.

Does your cat need medication? No problem we got you covered. Being part of the VOKRA medical team, we have the experience to administer medication.

You can rest assured, your feline is in the best hands and they will be safe while you are away.


If you’re having trouble to give meds, our team is here to help and support you in administering medication to your cat.

Medication administration

Our team will come to your home to administer medication to your cat in a stress-free manner.


Want to learn who to do it on your own? Afraid your cat will kill you? No worries, we’ll show you in a stress-free way in the comfort of your own home.