Heatwave is on the way? Here’s a few tips to keep your kitty cool!

”Wait, it’s gonna be that hot?!”

Ice treats

Hoomans love their ice treats and usually don’t want to share, but we’re sure your kitty would love one too!
A great idea from UK Blue Cross, make them a tuna ice pop! 
You can also put a meat tube in the fridge.


If you already have air conditioning, great! Leave it on for your kitty so he can stay cool during the day. If not, get either a fan or open the windows (always with screens!) to increase airflow.

Cool their bed

An ice pack or a frozen water bottle wrapped in a blanket in their bed can help to cool them down. You can also get a pet cooling mat. Also, elevating their bed on a rack will increase the airflow under it to keep them cool.


Make sure your kitty has access to fresh water all day. Change it often or add ice cubes to it to keep it cool. 


If your kitty has long hair, make sure he’s properly groomed, as mats and excess fur traps heat.

Lazy day

Skip the playing time for another day!

Wet Towel

Damp a towel with cold water and stroke your cat with it to cool its fur


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