cat advent calendar

Treat your cat to his/her best holidays yet

from only $34

hand Crafted to perfection

Hand picked selection of treats and handmade toys so your cat can have the best holidays yet! 

Get ready

To be amazed


With every calendar sold, a donation is made to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA)


If wanted, let your cat safely dig his daily precious gift out of the bags!


Different selections available. Is your cat picky or allergic to anything? Let us know and we'll find a way to make it work!


Use your imagination to decorate your box!

Endless creativity! You can decorate the box as you want. You can leave the bags in the box, you can hang them on a clothesline, on your fridge, on the window, on a drone, it’s up to you!


We did our best to make our calendar as zero waste as possible. Except for the stickers and the toys that we hope your cat will love forever (sure), everything is recyclable or compostable.

Located outside of Canada?

Cat Lover

Cats forever
$ 34
  • Basic toys
  • Basic treats
  • Donation $1.00 to VOKRA

Cat Addict

Never enough cats
$ 39
  • Standard toys
  • Wider variety of treats
  • Donation $1.25 to VOKRA
Best seller

Crazy Cat Person

I wish I was a cat too
$ 44
  • Premium toys
  • Wider variety of premium treats
  • Donation $1.50 to VOKRA